Are Interlocking Pavers Better Than Concrete?

Are Interlocking Pavers Better Than Concrete

When you are renovating your driveway or patio you will need to decide between replacing it with interlocking pavers or poured concrete. Are there advantages when using interlocking pavers for your project?

Interlocking pavers offer advantages over using traditional poured concrete. Interlocking pavers are a top choice for their durability, appearance, and price. They are easy to install and can add to the creativity and beauty of your landscaping. 

Below we will look at the advantages of interlocking pavers over poured concrete.


Interlocking paving stones have a large variety of finishes, colours, and complement the appearance of your home. They can range in variety from lighter colours to dark earthy tones. Interlocking pavers are available in different sizes and styles as well. These can even be mixed and matched to give more flexibility or a distinctly unique look to their installation.


Interlocking pavers can be installed in many applications. They can be used for driveways, patios, and walkways. They have a non-skid surface which enables them to be installed in high-traffic areas and wet areas as well. Due to this, interlocking pavers are a popular choice for use in walkways and around pools.

Cost Efficiency

Interlocking pavers can also be a lower-cost alternative when compared to poured concrete. Due to the manufacturing process of the paver, they have an inexpensive overall cost when compared to the cost of poured concrete installation. Interlocking pavers also have a low maintenance cost during their lifetime which adds to their overall value when compared to the long-term costs associated with poured concrete.


Interlocking pavers are more durable than poured concrete. They will not wear out from weather conditions. They will remain bright and colourful for many years after they have been installed. Interlocking pavers can be used in driveways without fear of damage from the weight of an automobile driving on top of them.

Interlocking pavers are resistant to ice and snow removal procedures in colder climates. They do not become stained or discoloured by any ice or snow removal chemicals. Due to their rounded shape, plows can be used for snow removal without damaging the pavers. They allow for snow and water drainage in the spring thaw and during periods of inclement weather.

Resist Cracking

Since interlocking pavers are made from individual stones they will not be subject to the same cracking that is common in poured concrete installations. They will not need seams or relief cuts when they are installed. They are designed to allow for shrinking and expansion that can be associated with the freeze and thaw cycle many climates experiences.


Interlocking paver stones are easy to install. They do not require special tools. Small and simple projects can even be completed by homeowners. When they are installed on a well-prepared base they require little maintenance. The gaps between the interlocking pavers are filled with sand to keep the pavers from moving and from grass or weeds from growing in between each individual pavers.


If there is an issue with the interlocking paver, it can easily be removed and replaced individually without having to repair a large portion or even the entire project. If there are issues with the installation they can be removed to allow access to the base and reinstalled once the issue is repaired.


Interlocking pavers offer many advantages to poured concrete. They have a larger availability of styles and colours to enhance the landscape of your home. They are easily installed and do not require any special tools to complete the project. Their low maintenance cost and durability over the years make them a better value than poured concrete. Get amazing interlocking with our services at Backyard Interlocking– our team will install gorgeous interlock for you no matter what you’re looking for.