Backyard Preparation

Backyard Interlocking specializes in meticulous backyard preparation, ensuring every project starts on a solid foundation. With a focus on clearing debris and leveling the ground, we prioritize proper drainage and meticulous groundwork to lay the foundation for stunning outdoor spaces.

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Backyard interlocking clearing and excavation

Backyard Interlocking Preparation

Backyard Interlocking Foundation Preparation

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Frequently Asked Questions

How deep should I excavate the soil for backyard preparation?

The depth of excavation depends on your project’s requirements, but typically it’s recommended to excavate to a depth suitable for the planned features or landscaping.

Why is proper drainage crucial in backyard preparation?

Proper drainage prevents water accumulation, which can lead to issues like flooding or soil erosion. It’s essential for maintaining the integrity of your outdoor space.

What is the purpose of laying a geotextile fabric during backyard preparation?

Geotextile fabric helps inhibit weed growth while allowing water to drain freely, promoting a healthier environment for plants and landscaping.

Why do I need to add a layer of crushed gravel during backyard preparation?

Crushed gravel provides a stable base for your outdoor features, aiding in drainage and preventing shifting or settling of the surface materials.

How do you ensure the crushed gravel is properly compacted?

We use specialized equipment to compact the gravel evenly, ensuring a solid foundation for your outdoor project.

How long does the entire backyard preparation process usually take?

The duration depends on various factors such as the size of the area, the complexity of the project, and weather conditions. A professional assessment can provide a more accurate timeline.