The Right Design for Backyard Interlocking Pavers

right design backyard interlocking pavers

Choosing the right design when installing backyard interlocking patio pavers in your home shouldn’t be a choice you take lightly. What are some things you should consider when designing a backyard interlocking patio for your home?

When designing a backyard patio, featuring backyard interlocking, for your home the first decision you will need to make is the size and shape of the patio. You will also need to decide on the color and shape of the pavers used for your installation.  Lastly, you will need to match your choices and your budget for the project. 

Below we will look at the options you will need to design the backyard interlocking patio of your dreams.

Patio Size

When designing your backyard patio, you will need to decide on how much area you want to use for your patio. Do you want to dedicate the entire area to that patio or do you wish to still have an area of grass, flowers, or room for a garden?

The future use of your patio will also help you determine the proper size. If you want to use it as a sitting area, a smaller design may be adequate. If you plan on adding additional features, either with this construction or in the future, you may need to design a larger area to be used.

Patio Shape

Due to the abundance of different interlocking patio stones available you can design and build your patio shape in any size. You can stick to a traditional design with 90-degree corners or you can opt for a circular shape. You may even decide on a more intricate design if you are installing your patio around different existing landscape structures already in your yard.

The more curves that you design into your patio, the more the final cost will be. Adding curves will add to both the labor and material costs. Interlocking pavers will need to be cut individually to match the curves. This will increase the time it will take to install your patio and the material needed to complete the project since there will be more waste from the pavers.

Interlocking Paver Types

Interlocking Patio pavers are available in a wide variety of styles and colours. You will need to research what type and color of interlocking patio paver will fit your patio the best. You may also decide to use multiple styles or colors to add to the uniqueness and complexity of your design.

Smaller interlocking pavers will require more labor and material to install over the same basic design over the use of larger pavers. Smaller pavers will give you more flexibility in design and can be used to create patterns even in a small square patio.

Large interlocking patio pavers are recommended over a larger patio or for a more basic design when used on a smaller patio. Due to their larger size, they offer a friendlier installation and speed up the time needed to complete the project.


Another concern you must factor in when designing your patio is your budget for this project. It may be the main factor when deciding the size and complexity you can achieve when planning this project.


Picking the right design for your backyard interlocking patio pavers will depend on the amount of room you have available and want to use for the patio. Next, you will need to determine the paver type and color as well as the size of the stone and pattern the patio will follow.

Fitting all of these wants and needs into your budget will give you a nice relaxing outdoor space for years to come.